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October 7, 2019

Recovery Kit

$160.00 $125.00 Price Excluding Tax

KB Recovery Kit:

Not sure what to pick? This is everything that you need for active recovery in one convenient and powerful kit. This is the perfect combo for any athlete or weekend warrior suffering from joint pain from excessive workouts. The Recovery Kit also comes with your solution to stress and anxiety as well, with our 600mg Mojito spray. For those who toss and turn at night, get a good nights rest with our Recovery Soft Gels. Also included is our topical Recovery Salve with arnica, the perfect solution to those aches, pains and bruises.

Whats inside?

  • Recovery Soft Gels 450mg
    • Our fast absorbing softgels will help you combat muscle pain, alleviate inflammation and improve your focus thanks to their organic, rich and full spectrum CBD, which will help:
      • Repair Your Body At A Molecular Level
      • Replenish Your System With Potent Antioxidants
      • Boost Your Focus & Muscle Recovery
  • Mojito Recovery Spray 600mg
    • If you are looking for a natural, fast absorbing and healthy recovery spray that will allow you to recuperate faster, we have exactly what you need. Our organic Non-GMO, full spectrum recovery spray will help:
      • Improve Your Mood & Focus
      • Promote Faster Relaxation & Improved Sleep
      • Alleviate Muscle Pain & Combat Inflammation
  • Recovery Salve 150mg
    • Now you can relieve muscle pain, inflammation and bruising with our CBD based anti-Inflammatory recovery salve, which contains over 150mg of organic, healthy and natural CBD.This topical balm for athletes is the ideal way to:
      • Relieve Muscle Soreness & Pain
      • Speed Up Injury Recovery
      • Combat Inflammation, Swelling & Bruising




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