At Kanna Beast, we are committed to formulating unrivaled CBD sports nutritional supplements to fuel the elite athlete. Our CBD-enhanced products will assist with individual performance and recovery needs of the athlete. From the weekend warrior/fitness enthusiast and health conscious individuals to the hard core professional athletes and bodybuilders, Kanna Beast can help achieve the goals alike.

Every single Kanna Beast product is formulated in our state of the art facilities in the USA by collaborating with pro athletes, fitness and health experts. We utilize some of the world’s most powerful plant based anti inflammatory agents in order to help you overcome pain and turbocharge your performance!


Our story started years ago when one of our founder’s grandmother Corazon, was in the hospital due to cancer. It started off as breast cancer, then over time coursed it’s way to her bones. Her appetite was non-existent and her muscles in her body had shriveled to one digit percentages from lack of movement. The inflammation of her body was covering 90% at the time and every prescribed drug she could have was either injected into her or served to her in a daily basket full of prescription drugs. That was no way to live…

She was given CBD capsules, liquid CBD and a topical CBD rub for her aching joints as the last resort and within the same week her appetite returned and her inflammation drastically decreased. She found her pain levels diminished significantly and her anxiety levels lowered. Her mood elevated as she felt better.

Unfortunately, by this time the cancer had already taken over her body. Corazon was on her final days, as her organs had already begun to shut down. Unaware that she was taking CBD, Corazon had commented she wished she had these “vitamins” sooner. She found comfort and relief from CBD.

This drove our founder to begin heavily researching CBD and its health benefits. Which eventually led to studies being conducted on the opioid epidemic of athletes & veterans on painkillers and other forms of alternative therapy for pain and recovery. Thus Kanna Beast was born, to aid everyone who has been struggling with pain and recovery with an all natural, high quality solution.

Everyone who tries Kanna Beast becomes part of our family and together we stand strong and support each other. We feel that KB is more than just performance supplements. Kanna Beast is a mindset!