How CBD Salve Works

The Health Benefits of CBD
September 19, 2019

How CBD Salve Works

In the 1950s, skincare products included these five “ingredients”; soap, water, cold cream, baby powder, and petroleum jelly. Your grandmother may still use all of these because they still work to keep skin clean and hydrated. 

Sometimes, treating skin problems requires more than the basic five substances listed above. Acne, psoriasis, eczema, chronic dry skin, and even wrinkles will not be helped with soap and water and may even do further damage. 

Skincare fads come and go like the 1930s fad of eating yeast or a more recent and costly expensive skin cream that contains the excrement of a very rare feline called the Civet. These have been and are marketed as effective skincare treatments, but the results are dubious at best.

Now, a new skincare product that looks to be authentic and effective is a Salve infused with CBD, a cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant. 

Let’s look at how CBD Salve works:

  • What is CBD Salve? It is a mixture of CBD oil (derived from the hemp plant) with other “essential oils” (extracted from plants that capture the “essence” such as lemon or eucalyptus oil), shea butter or equivalent plus other materials like hemp seed oil. They form a topical ointment to heal and soothe the skin.  
  • What does CBD Salve do to the skin? The Salve slowly absorbs into your skin and can target a specific area with a light application or a larger area if enough is applied to allow it to get through the skin and into the bloodstream. 
  • What makes CBD Salve so effective? Hemp seed oil contains vitamin D that the body needs for calcium absorption and other helpful vitamin complexes, but the real power of CBD is that it is a powerful antioxidant. In the simplest of terms, a rusty iron bar is an example of oxidation with free radicals being the culprit. Your body is like that iron bar as it “donates” electrons to electron-hungry free radicals to balance the chemical charges. An antioxidant simply gives the free radical a preferred source of electrons to keep your bodily tissues “rust free”.

You may have to explain to grandma that CBD products and CBD Salve will not get her high, but if she was a young woman in the 1960s wearing paisley and tie-dyed tee shirts and a follower of the Grateful Dead, she may be disappointed to hear that. 

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